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Air Source Heat Pump | Domestic and commercial heat pumps

Air source heat pumps require no brine loops they are highly efficient units that upgrade the heat in the surrounding air to provide hot water for space heating and hot water.

Air source heat pumps-Domestic

We use two manufactures of air source heat pumps for our domestic heat pump market, both are excellent and efficient heating units and both use inverter technology to maximise efficiency and minimise start up current.

Mitsubishi Ecodan air source heat pumps

Mitsubishi are possibly the world leader in air conditioning and refrigeration technology and have used their vast experience to develop their Ecodan range of air to water heat pumps. Aimed mainly at the domestic heating market they are competitively priced units available in 5 kilowatt , 8.5 kilowatt and 14 kilowatt single phase units, the 14kilowatt heat pump is also available in three phase The Ecodan ASHP units can also be cascaded in multiples for Larger systems.
Download the Mitsubishi Ecodan Brochure

Mitsubishi Ecodan Air Source Heat Pump

The Ecodan air source heat pump units can be used as a direct  Replacement for a fossil fuel boiler and connected directly into the heating system , they also supply pre plumbed internal units and pre plumbed hot water cylinder units.   

Danfoss air source heat pump range

Danfoss have a vast range of air source heat pumps for domestic and commercial use, these heat pumps have been independently tested and said to be the most efficient ASHPs on the market.

The Danfoss DHP-AQ Range

These are the most efficient air source heat pumps on the market and are ideal for large or small domestic properties with single phase sizes 6, 9, 11, 13 and 16 kilowatt and also the same sizes in three phase and also an 18 kilowatt. For larger homes you can easily double up by using an expansion card. The units consist of an outdoor unit and the choice of internal units.

Danfoss DHP-AQ Air Source Heat Pump Danfoss DHP-AQ Mini Controller Danfoss DHP-AQ Midi Controller with circulation pump, auxiliary heater and 3 way valve Danfoss DHP-AQ Maxi Controller with hot water tank, circulation pump, auxiliary heater and 3 way valve


Download DHP-AQ leaflet

Danfoss commercial air source heat pump range

The AW05 range are commercial three phase heat pumps , there are 7 heat pumps in the range sized from 22 kilowatt to 105 kilowatts. For very large jobs they can be cascaded up to nine units giving a total output of 945 kilowatts. These units can be ground or flat roof mounted, download a commercial air source heat pump leaflet

Danfoss air source heat pumps can cool as well as heat , we can also Danfoss or Telford hot water cylinders for use with air source heat pumps