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Ground Source Heat Pump | Maximum efficiency heat pumps

A ground source heat pump, sometimes referred to as a geothermal heat pump, is the most efficient heating system possible for size and type of building.

Ground source heat pump technology

Our ground source heat pump partner is Danfoss , independent testing has proved Danfoss heat pumps as among the most efficient available. Danfoss heat pumps use inverter technology which insures maximum efficiency and very low start up currents.
Ground source heat pumps extract low grade heat from the ground, or sometimes a river or lake, and pump it to the evaporator where it is upgraded by the refrigeration circuit. A demonstration of how this is done is shown on the animation below.


Ground source heat pump collectors

Horizontal Brine Loops are the most common and least expensive collectors , an array of 40 mm high performance polyethylene is installed around a meter below the surface and is filled with a mixture of water and nontoxic antifreeze. This system requires an area of at least three times the footprint area of the building.   
Vertical loops consist of vertical bore(s) around 50 – 200 met .deep into the bedrock, these are more expensive than horizontal loops but take very little surface area even in large commercial jobs.
Ground source heat pumps can also use surface water like rivers and lakes for loops or direct and wells and sub terrain lakes can be used however this can be expensive.
Large heat pump systems can use a mixture of the above.

What size and type of building can be heated by a ground source heat pump

The answer is that virtually any size and type as we install heat pumps from 6KW to 310 KW and they can be cascaded up to nine therefore up to 2.7 megawatts enough for buildings over 50,000 sq. metres.

Domestic Heat Pumps are very user friendly and very easy On the eye, blends in well with kitchen furniture and is about the size of a fridge freezer. The domestic heat pump range is available in single phase units up to 12 kilowatts and three phase units up to 42 kilowatts and remember they cascaded in multiples
Download Danfoss heat pump general brochure

Light Commercial Heat Pumps – These are three phase units and are supplied in sizes from 22kilowatts to 550 kilowatts – these can also be cascaded for larger systems.
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Danfoss Ground Source Heat Pump

Large Commercial Heat Pumps – These are also three phase units and at the moment are available in sizes up to 310 kilowatts and can be cascaded up to nine units. High temperature units are also available
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Heat pumps need a cylinder with a large area primary coil, we supply Danfoss cylinders which are matched to the heat pumps we also sell Telford Tempest heat pump cylinders.

If you require any further information please don’t hesitate to call or email us we will be glad to help with your project and as always quotations are free and without obligation.